CMPivot is a tool available in Configuration Manager, and also as a separate standalone tool, for real-time queries on devices managed by Configuration Manager.

Before CMPivot availability, any queries were based on Configuration Manager inventory data which, depending on the refresh schedule, may be up to a week old, and may not include data of interest.

CMPivot real-time queries rely on devices being connected.

CMPivot uses a subset of the Azure Log Analytics data flow model for the tabular expression statement. A great set of examples is provided here and here.

Release history:

2020, May – CMPivot available in Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin centre (cloud admin centre) in technical preview 2005.

2020, April – Alignment of features and capability of CMPivot standalone tool with CMPivot launched in Configuration Manager as part of technical preview 2004.

2018, September – Ability to present data visualisations by leveraging Azure Log Analytics capability.

2018, June – CMPivot released as part of Current Branch version 1806.

2018, May – CMPivot released as part of technical preview 1805.