How we work

DeviceCraft provides independent advice for large enterprise organisations on planning, implementing and operating Microsoft devices and services.

Our large enterprise customers generally have outsourced agreements and as such our independent advice provides an objective opinion on achieving optimal outcomes.

What we do

Typical examples of the services we offer:

  1. Development of Microsoft devices and services strategy
  2. Business case development for Microsoft devices and services
  3. Project planning including project approach, resourcing, budget and timelines.
  4. Existing environment readiness assessments against intended future state objectives.
  5. Business readiness testing and operational service transition.
  6. Independent design reviews.
  7. Business case development, including existing environment discovery.
  8. Maturity assessment for managing Microsoft devices and services.

Where we work

We are physically based in the UK working with customers from Australia, US, Canada and the UK.

Our experience

We have rollout experience covering over 100,000 users and devices in various industries including finance, pharmaceutical, retail, insurance, telecommunications and mining.

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