14 February 2021.

The Surface Duo will be released in the UK on the 18th of February. There is no pricing information available however it is perhaps noteworthy that price has been cut in the US from $1399 to $999.

For ARM devices uses, OneDrive is now available as a 64-bit install. To date, only 32-bit has been available limiting OneDrive to 4GB of memory.

The release of Microsoft Edge v88 is accompanied by new policy settings for Intune managed devices. The setting use an ADMX template that can be leveraged either via Active Directory GPO or via Intune only (in case you missed it, select ADMX templates now work with Intune since Windows 10 version 1709). In particular, there are configurability options for the new sleeping tabs feature in Edge. This includes the ability to block sleeping tabs for specific sites which may be very useful for avoiding re-authentication prompts for sites such as SharePoint.

For those deploying Office ProPlus there are new options via the Office Deployment Tool to manage detection of MSI versions of Project and Visio and convert to CTR installations (you cannot mix MSI and CTR Office products, so previously this required creative workarounds to detect and then install).