Microsoft Defender Safe Documents in action

Another week of lots of announcement from Microsoft covering Windows, Security, Single Sign-On, Teams, and changes at Apple in processor architecture that will interest users of  Microsoft products with Macs.


  • If you are using Windows Autopilot to setup and configure Windows 10 devices, you can now provision Azure AD Hybrid join devices when away from the office. Previously this required connection to AD during setup, which isn’t possible until after setup; now the connection to AD can be skipped until after the user first signs in.
  • The June monthly feature release for Configuration Manager, Technical Preview 2006, is now available. There is a large list of features including the ability to list ConfigMgr apps in Microsoft Company Portal along with existing Intune apps. There are also lots of enhancements to Cloud Management Gateway (CMG).
  • Endpoint analytics is now available in public preview for Windows 10 and Windows Virtual Desktops. The feature enables insights to help understand your devices’ reboot and sign-in times, and includes pro-active options for remediation scripts.


Single Sign-On

  • An important change for application compatibility with regards to Single Sign-on and related capabilities such as Conditional Access. ADAL authentication libraries are being replaced by MSAL libraries. What does this mean? If you have 3rd party apps that use SSO and relied on ADAL (these will be mobile apps or Win32 apps, not web apps) then they will need to make the transition to MSAL by June 2022 to continue getting technical support and security updates.