The last week includes End of life for Win7 and Windows 10 mobile with releases for the new Microsoft Edge browser and a more newsworthy than normal Patch Tuesday.

  • The new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser is now generally available. Consumers will see this arrive via Windows updates, Pro and Enterprise versions of Windows 10 will require administrator actions for delivery. See this article for what is automatically imported from Chrome to Edge (almost everything).
  • Microsoft has released patches for 49 vulnerabilities, 8 of which are rated critical. The release includes the first-ever vulnerability credited to the NSA.
  • Microsoft support for Windows 7 has now ended. There is a paid option to extend security updates but even Microsoft does not recommend this. The blog post marking the milestone also notes there are now 900 million Windows 10 devices in use today – even with this incredible statistic, Windows 7 still accounts for over 30% of Windows Operating Systems in use.
  • Activity-based Expiration Policy for Office 365 groups is now Generally Available. This means any active groups covered by the expiration policy will be automatically renewed.
  • Windows 10 Calculator will be getting a graphics mode to help with those pesky linear algebra equations.