A happy new year and welcome to our first news roundup for 2020! Microsoft has started the year with various announcements covering: Excel on the web; details on the pending release of the new Edge browser; and, Microsoft Teams incorporation into Office 365 deployment media. There is also some unofficial news about Microsoft Store for Business and news from CES tradeshow on new dual-screen devices.

  • Microsoft has announced the public preview of Office Scripts for Excel on the web. This fills a gap were automation using VBA based macros was not possible using Excel on the web.
  • The annual CES tradeshow was held from 7th to 10th January and includes various announcements about new Windows devices, including dual-screen devices that take advantage of a future Windows 10 version adapted to dual-screen devices, Windows 10X, was perhaps the standout (see image to this post).
  • The new Microsoft Edge browser will start deployment via Windows update from January 15th. Microsoft has updated advice to confirm this will not apply to Pro and Enterprise versions of Windows 10. Some great new features announced for Microsoft Teams with Firstline workers in mind (retail, hospitality, manufacturing) including Walkie Talkie, Tasks, and SMS sign-in.
  • From 14th Jan Microsoft will be including Microsoft Teams in the Office 365 ProPlus Semi-Annual Channel. If you do not want Teams deployed, then use either Group Policy or the Office Deployment Tool to exclude the software.
  • There are unofficial reports that Microsoft will be retiring Microsoft Store for Business (this is used by companies to distribute applications not available in Microsoft Store, it is also used by companies to update Windows apps that prefer to block access to the Microsoft Store, e.g. OneNote App for Windows 10).