A flurry of announcements as we head into Xmas covering: Azure AD user provisioning; visual search; Your Phone app and Android integration; some “under the hood” information on Azure AD; new phone sign-in feature for Azure AD B2C; and migration options from Office 365 Video to Microsoft Streams.

  • Microsoft is releasing the ability for automated user provisioning from SAP SuccessFactors to Azure AD. This is quite a big detail as it allows the HR hiring/termination flow in SuccessFactors to drive user identity creation automatically, rather than relying (like most organisation) on manual or custom script flows.
  • Microsoft has released a nifty feature to initiate a visual search via the Windows search bar with the results powered by Bing.
  • The ability to make and receive phone calls via the “Your Phone” app and a compatible Android mobile will be “released to everyone” which we assume means it is in Public Preview.
  • If you are already relying on Azure AD, or considering it, then a post by Microsoft on their core availability principles used for engineering the service will be of interest.
  • Phone sign-in is now in public preview for Azure AD B2C. This provides the capability to reduce the friction for sign-in and sign-up for customer-facing applications; instead of a persistent password to remember (and forget), users are sent an SMS with a one time password.
  • If you use Office 365 Video then make sure you read the blog post outlining the migration options to Microsoft Stream, some of which will trigger automatically from 1st March 2020.