This week Microsoft has provided more information on their future dual-screen devices, the next version of Windows 10 (20H1 or “2004”), the release date of the new Microsoft Edge, and the new release of SCCM (version 1910).

  • Microsoft has provided additional information on the user experience for their future dual-screen devices, Surface Duo (which will run Android OS) and Surface Neo (which will run Windows 10X).
  • Microsoft has advised the official numbering of the next version of Windows 10 due in about March 2020 will be “2004”. The first two digits indicate the year, and the second two the month. The most recent previous releases have been alternating between “03” and “09” for the month, with “04” to be used for 2020 instead of “03” apparently to avoid confusion with Server 2003.
  • The new version of Microsoft Edge will launch on 15th January 2020. If you have Configuration Manager then version 1910 includes Microsoft Edge deployment options. There is now a Security Baseline released in Draft also. The installation process will hide the old version of Microsoft Edge. If for some reason the old version is still required there is a workaround available.
  • The latest update of SCCM has been released, update 1910. The release includes support for the recent General Availability of Desktop Analytics which promises to be very helpful in managing Windows version updates, and Office ProPlus deployments. The release also includes the option for custom configuration baselines (previously only predefined baselines were possible to evaluate against). There are also features for the deployment of the new Microsoft Edge browser.