This week Windows 10 version 1909 was released to the public and there are various presentations available post the recent Microsoft Ignite conference covering Office ProPlus, various efficiency tools and the Microsoft Managed Desktop.

Windows 10 version 1909 released

Windows 10 version 1909 was made available for update on 12th November. Version 1909, unlike past updates, does not change the core operating system of the previous version 1903, rather it is deployed as a monthly quality update to 1903 (aka  via “Servicing Technology”) followed by an “enablement package” to activate the 1909 features.

If coming from version 1809 or earlier then the update is more involved and the core OS is changed.

This clearly raises the question if future Windows 10 version updates will leverage “Servicing Technology” (like a patch) or if it will change the underlying Operating System, the answer from Microsoft predictably leaves the options wide open “This may provide us future flexibility to offer a balanced range of Windows 10 feature update delivery methods including OS swaps as well as servicing technology (like the monthly update process)”.

The list of changes applied by 1909 is available here.

Microsoft Office ProPlus guidance presentations

Microsoft has published a series of sessions from their Ignite conference on Office 365 ProPlus deployment and management. The recorded sessions include how to use the Office Customisation Tool, the Cloud Policy Service and various other ProPlus topics.

Various tools to drive efficiency

We missed an announcement by Microsoft last week with a slew of technology solutions to fundamentally poor behavioural habits and inefficient work practices. Tools such as reading emails out loud (see image above) and analytics to show managers if they add an agenda to a meeting; we suspect the users who will opt into these tools don’t have the problems trying to be addressed in the first place.

Microsoft Managed Desktop

Microsoft has published a roadmap to the Microsoft Managed Desktop (MMD). The MMD service was announced in September 2018 providing a service offering leveraging Microsoft cloud services and approved devices.