News in the last week covering: Windows 10 X; beware Windows 10 on ARM; Windows 10 version adoption; Windows 10 1909 release date; the new Microsoft Edge; and, feature releases for Outlook of iPad, Desktop Analytics and Microsoft Project.

  • Some additional details about the recently announced dual screen version of Windows 10, Windows 10 X, have leaked appearing to confirm support for traditional laptops.
  • We have spotted more reviews of the ARM chipset based Surface Laptop 3. The problem with many reviews, including this one, is they miss a key point; ARM chipset machines are not really suitable as business machines due to key limitation including not being able to run 64 bit versions of software unless they have been ported to ARM64 (which is not common) and Windows 10 virtualization-based security working only with selected Snapdragon ARM chipsets. This is why Microsoft offers an Intel version of the Surface Laptop 3.
  • The AdDuplex October report for Windows 10 penetration shows version 1903 now at 56.6%. Interestingly the 11% increase compared to last month is from machines on 1803 updating directly to 1903 and skipping 1809. See this article on ComputerWorld as to why 1809 has effectively been skipped.
  • In case you missed it: Windows 10 19H2 (officially now called “November 2019 updates”) should be released on 12th November. The build is already appearing on MSDN and Microsoft has already announced the build has been finalised.
  • The logo for the next version of Microsoft Edge (which will be based on the Chromium open source browser developed by Google) has been released (see post image). Rumour has it the Chromium-based Edge will be included as part of Windows 10 20H1 (April 2020).
  • Outlook for Ipad will soon support split view along with support for multitasking such as drag and drop. The new features leverage the recent release of iPadOS, an iPad specific operating system built on the same foundation as iOS.
  • Desktop Analytics has received some improvements at identifying compatibility risks for Windows 10 upgrades.
  • Microsoft has released significant updates to its cloud based version of Microsoft Project. There are new features and new subscription based plans.